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MUSIC from the ANDES...and nearby regions  Español
Photo: Paige Stasney - Girl plays at an improvised soccer goal in a settlement near Vicco, Peru (~4100m/13500 ft above sea level)

I've been collecting music from the Andean Cordillera during college and for years afterward. Please e-mail any corrections or comments. There is a wide - and growing - variety of examples here. I hope you'll be inspired to look further into the music and other sociocultural facets of the Andes region and South America in general. Be sure to check your local listings for live performances of this music. CDs are also available - James Duncan, Santa Cruz, California, USA

If you can help with more information on the artists, titles, and record numbers, be sure to e-mail me.

Plus...MORE SONGS with notes by Paul Farren of the London group,  ACHALAY. This is wonderful hand picked music from Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia.

Online CD Quality Streaming Radio
Radio Tushurami   Chaclacayo, Peru   YouTube video channel  "La Universidad de Folklore"

Melodias del Ande   YouTube video channel
Radio Antena Sur 90.3 FM  Huancayo, Peru  YouTube video channel

Peru Folk Radio  Trujillo, Peru   YouTube video channel

Music Files - the Andes and more
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Newest additions
Llorando Se Fue - Machu Picchu Niño Bonancita - Bolivian villancico - Bonanza
No volveremos a vagar - John Williams Hortensia - Machu Picchu
Gloria - Takillakkta Coplas Americana - Canto Popular
Jacha Uru - Las Valijas Aguita de Putina - Los Uros del Titicaca
Manchay Puyto - Ayopaya Manta
Icaisa - Grupo Icaisa
Cueca: La Huerfana Virginia - Bolivia
Alejandro Camara
- charango master
Fabiana Claure - live piano concert
Ojos Azules - Los Uros del Titicaca
Atahuallpa - K'ala Marka
Atahuallpa - live in La Paz, Bolivia (YouTube)
Atahuallpa (1497-1533) was the last Inca Empire leader (Sapa Inca). He was executed by the Spanish under Pizarro on August 29. The empire declined after his death. This is why an ominous ring in the middle of the tune.
Grupo Bonanza - Bolivia 'Baila Morena' - Pueblo Andina
'Los Pobres Tambien Somos Felices' - Los Aukish 'Quintucha' - Runas
'Sube A Nacer Conmigo' - Los Calchakis 'Chiquitina' - Signos
'Zumampa'- Los Calchakis 'A Don Ata' - Dolly Principe
'Palomitayqa' - Dolly Principe 'El Caso Wayanay' - Chopkjas
'Kay Mayu' - Qary Bastidas 'Luna Bonita' - Marcela Morelo
'Contigo Sera Mi Corazon' - Maya Andina 'Rumisonqo' - Betty Lafuente
'Gritaré Tu Nombre' - Karal Mamitay - Teo Rios

Older (pre-90s) - "Oldies"  (as compared to new Andean music) 




Music Files - nearby regions or similar styles
These may also be interesting to Andes region music lovers

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