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Los Incas is a "classic" group popular in the 60s and early 70s. They recorded on European record labels an exciting variety of music from the countries of the High Andes. Los Incas also backed Paul Simon in his popular "El Condor Pasa" rendition which familiarized millions worldwide with the music of the Andes.

The Los Incas music as well as other selections below from other great groups come recommended by music enthusiast Michael Evans of Oakland, California, USA who is pictured on the right. Thanks Michael! This page will grow a lot so keep checking back. Email Michael

    LOS INCAS   
  1. Ya Se Va - Bolivia
  2. La Llave - Bolivia
  3. Para una Orejita de Tierra Cocida - Northern Argentina
  4. Risas de Bolivia - Bolivia
  5. Bailecito de Lopez Buchardo - Northern Argentina
  1. Cochabamba - Bolivia
  2. Danza Wipfala - Bolivia
  3. El Condor Pasa - Peru
  4. La Caserita - Bolivia
  5. Una Palomita - Northern Argentina


   A variety of other music from the Andes:

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